Sommeliers White Nights

Inspired by the White Nights of St. Petersburg Riedel welcomes a new collection into their range of handmade Sommeliers glasses. Sommeliers White Nights will only be available in RIEDEL owned shops all over the world and through the Riedel web stores. The first glass in this collection is Riedel’s timeless classic the Bordeaux Grand Cru glass. The famous Austrian restaurant “Steirer Eck” in Vienna uses White Nights exclusively in their gastronomy service which proofs the outstanding durability of handmade glasses. The collection will once completed include the best selling grape varietal specific shapes. AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY IN THE OFFICIAL RIEDEL STORES AND WEBSHOPs!

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Sommeliers White Nights Bordeaux Grand Cru

Sommeliers White Nights Bordeaux Grand Cru

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